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The Red - A Short Horror Story

A short story from the book The Seven Kinds.

Genre: Horror, Mystery.
Release date: August 8, 2019.
Age Limit: 18+

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A Blood-Curdling Horror Story.


Author Dilip Maity delivers you a frightening tale of a man who is trying to escape his nightmares for the last fifteen years.

Rishi, a twelve-year-old boy used to take a shortcut which passed through an eerie jungle, every day after the last bell at his school. Even after being warned by his mom and friends. The forest was infamous because of a legend. According to the locals, there was an old man who resides in that jungle, he loves to kill people and bathe in their blood, hanging them upside down from a tree. Rishi never believed in such stories as he never encountered any old man in there. Until. Until a day when he bumped into someone in that jungle while returning from school using that shortcut route. Next day Rishi found himself in a hospital room. He was not able to remember what happened to him in that jungle at all.

Whom did Rishi bump into? What happened with him in there? And what is the reason behind his never-ending nightmare?

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