Romance, Horror & Psychological Thriller Author.

The Other One - A Short Psychological Thriller.

A short story from the book The Seven Kinds.

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery.
Release date: August 8, 2019.
Age Limit: 15+

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A psychological thriller to mess with your mind.


She thought she had control over her life. But.

The view of an abandoned building through her kitchen window used to make her sick. The dilapidated walls, worn-out paint, broken furniture, disturbed her sane mind.

But, that wasn’t enough. To add onto her fear, that abandoned building used to make some weird noises which only she could hear.

And one day. Someone waved HI at her from a dark and empty room of that building. It was her doppelganger.

Who was she? What was she doing in that lonely building? What was her purpose? Available Only On

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